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I have an odd request

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I recently battled the Internet Security malware -- twice. I won, but I lost some files in the process. They weren't important files. They weren't data or system files. But they were files that did a specific thing and I miss them.

I have a Seagate expansion drive (model #9SD2A2-500). Photobucket

The files I lost were the ones that came with the drive. It still works fine. Windows sees it and files move to and from it with no problem. But it used to be that when I opened up My Computer I would see a little picture of the Seagate drive instead of the generic hard drive picture I see now.

It's not really that big of a deal but I want that little picture back. I was wondering if anyone reading this might have one of these drives and be able to send me copies of those files? Thanks for reading this, in any case.
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