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batch renaming files


I am compiling a photo album of a trip, and am merging my own photo files with those of a family member's. The file names of my photos and his don't match, of course, being from different cameras. I am creating a new folder on my HD of all the photos I'm going to use in the album, and am going in chronological order, so mixing his files and mine. I want to keep this new folder in the order I have placed them, rather than file name order. Thus, I want to rename them in the order I've placed them.

I'm running Windows Vista. I have done the usual batch rename (select all - rename to 'filename(001)') and it's reordering my files in the order of original file name, instead of how I've placed them in the folder. I need to know if renaming files in the order placed in a folder is possible in Vista, irregardless of original file name. Can anyone help??

(Please don't tell me to downgrade/upgrade/switch OS. That's not an option at this point.)

Thanks in advance!
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