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i hardly ever use this anymore :/

Laptop not charging

So, all of a sudden my laptop (Dell Latitude D800)'s AC adapter decided that it didn't feel like powering the computer anymore, and it's running on battery power right now. The little green light on the adapter is on, but it's not delivering power to the laptop and the battery isn't charging. It's at 75% right now and I've got just over two hours left (although I can check email on my Wii if I don't get an answer within that time), so is there an easy way to tell if it's the adapter, or the connector pins, or the laptop itself? Everything's plugged in to where it should be, and I even unplugged everything and plugged it back in and jiggled the plug that goes into the back of the laptop but nothing happened.
EDIT from Wii: Okay, I ran a diagnostics test and I got error code 3600:0122 for the charger, and it said it wasn't connected even though it definitely was. Does this mean it's the connector pins?
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The only way you're going to figure this out is to either:

a) Test your laptop with a different but compatible charger
b) Test your charger with a different but compatible laptop

If there is no way for you to find someone with one of these 2 things, I'd take it down to a local computer shop and see if they have a charger you could test with. Your model seems common enough that they probably would. The other option is you just drop the $$$ for a new charger and find out.