Kelli Bailey (magickira) wrote in computer_help,
Kelli Bailey

Okay, I'm at wit's end here. This has been happening for the past three weeks or so. I haven't changed anything and even going back to a restore point from before this doesn't help. Every so often when I select something from a drop down menu using my mouse, doesn't matter what program, which monitor I use (I run two. The native 19" laptop monitor at 1920x1080, and a 27" LCD TV/Monitor at 1360x768 set as primary) and doesn't matter how little or how long the computer's on; whatever I select stays selected like you see in the picture, and every program that runs after this happens and before I clear it sits underneath the selection. The ONLY way I found that fixes it (aside from rebooting) is to mess with my display settings so the screens have to reorient themselves. I would try googling this, but what would I google?
Asus N90Sv laptop running Windows 7 Home Edition Premium 64 bit; Intel Core2 Duo CPU @2.8GHz; 4GB RAM; NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M; and two 600GB HD. It is about 4 years old and will be getting replaced in about a yearish if finances hold out.

As a thank you for this, I present Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood (one of my many revolving desktop pics)
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