Evangeline (onedayinaugust) wrote in computer_help,

Norton AntiVirus 2005

I bought Norton AntiVirus 2005 AGES ago. [Before Christmas, probably sometime in October/November.] I had problems installing it, tried contacting Symantec, didn't get any help, and forgot about it.

I decided to try again today. And I'm getting the same problem. I can pretty much install the program okay, I get the "Installation is finished, please restart your computer message" so I restart. However, upon restarting, the Configuration Wizard does not open. In fact, nothing happens. When I try to open NAV, I got an error message saying that the computer must be rebooted or something before running the program, but I found an answer to that problem here, by "restoring the default value". Even so, now NOTHING happens when I try to open the program. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling a million times, and it's the same every time.

I'm running Windows XP [Home Edition] and that's all I know because I'm pretty much a compu-tard.

Can anyone help?

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