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computer_help's Journal

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Monitor on fire?
Keyboard gone crazy?
Or are you just having a hard time sending e-mail?

This is a community for first-resort technical support. Anyone may post without joining, and there are no 'stupid' questions; sometimes a problem that seems like it must have an obvious answer, doesn't.

Questions may range from computer problems to trouble accessing websites, browser trouble, using services like AOL and MSN Messenger, and setting up firewalls, routers and networks.

If you recieve a tip or solution that worked, please come back and leave a comment letting everyone know.

A word of advice: you may recieve solutions to problems that aren't well thought-out, or the wrong solutions. Use care before deleting files, changing your hardware, or changing settings in your computer: wait for second opinions first.

That said, post freely, and may the force be with you.

Some useful sites:

  • computerhelp: The other computer help site on Livejournal. Crossposting is welcome.
  • Bootdisk.com: Boot disks for most common operating systems.
  • Housecall: Free online virus and trojan scan.
  • PC Pitstop: A free online benchmarker. Provides advice (and fixes) for common problems with slowdown, security, and system settings.
  • Lavasoft: Makers of the Ad-Aware 6 program. Ad-Aware will fix many browser problems, by removing harmful plugins, hijackers and malware.